Is God's Love Reckless?

Is God's Love Really Reckless?

August 06, 2019

Recently I came across the phrase "the reckless love of God" on some sites while I’m doing some research. It kind of hit me a little bit because the first impression I had in mind was why exactly is God’s love reckless? So I decided to dig in further out of sheer curiosity.
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Made in Agapé Is Finally Born!

Made in Agapé Is Finally Born!

June 26, 2019

Hello there and a big welcome to Made in Agapé!

If you have stumbled across this website, be it from search engines, social media or other sites, we are very thankful and happy to meet you!

This is Daniel and Vivien. We are the founders of Made in Agapé.

If you are wondering why and how we started this Christian apparel and clothing business...

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