Our Story

Our Story

Hey there, I am Jake, now the owner Made In Agapé™, previously founded by Dan and I took over a year ago. First and foremost, thank you so much for dropping by this website and we sincerely hope you can find something that you like! Ultimately you will be the one wearing these Christian T-shirts, hoodies, tanks, hats and other apparels that will influence people, in a positive way.

God Showed Himself to Me...

God is one who is capable of miraculous things. It was until one fine day when God’s Words spoke to me and the Holy Spirit convicted me that there is no better way than following his Way, and that my life and future are in his absolute control. From then on, my failing and directionless life changed, not for the better by worldly standards but with the assurance that God has devised his best plans for me.

There are all sorts of ups and downs in my life after knowing Jesus but he showed me that his grace is sufficient for me in every single situation. He has also gave me good wisdom for the for the past 10 years in my career. But I'd want have a clearer purpose in my career. Since then, I've prayed that God would reveal his plans and purpose for me.

Since young, I do felt like I have a knack in art and an eye for detail. It was 2017 when I thought of coming up with ideas and designs relating to scriptures and showcasing them on apparels. I realized that it is one of the great ways to share about Jesus and our faith with others. I prayed for this and I'm convinced this is something meaningful which I’m going to go all out for.

The Birth of Our Brand

This Christian apparel brand Made In Agapé is inspired by the Greek word "Agape", which refers to sacrificial, selfless, unconditional love. It is the highest of the types of love mentioned in the Bible. "Agape" is also a term that describes God’s incomparable love for man. God bestowed this love to those who are undeserving of it, without any conditions. We are all being loved and made in his love, thus the brand 'Made in Agape'.

By adapting the word "Agape" in our brand, we hope that the messages on our products can inspire people to be more selfless and to love one another unconditionally just like how Jesus loved the Lord and his followers. Besides, every product of ours is made to custom and carefully designed with our heart, with the hope that wearers like you will be really proud wearing or using them.

The brand slogan: Reborn. Renew. Relive

Reborn - The first step to knowing Jesus is to have a reborn spirit. In 2 Corinthians 5:17, the verse says "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!". Anyone who comes to know Jesus would abandon their old self and reborn himself/herself with words and promises of God that they've never come across.

Renew - In Romans 12:2, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will". After knowing Christ, it's not the end but rather the start of our spiritual journey. Matters of this world will not stop affecting us so we'll need to constantly be renewed of our minds with God's words.

Relive - Jesus' 33 years of life in this world was a glorious testimony to God. We would want to seek to relive Jesus in us and in our daily life. We can look to live out Jesus by showing others unconditional love through our care, patience, kindness, graciousness, support etc.

Now we have friends to creating these faith-based messages using hand-lettered and graphical designs on the shirts! All messages and ideas are thought through very carefully before we design them. Our printing facilities partners are located in the USA. Our apparel are printed and fulfilled from North Carolina fulfillment center, so you can expect great quality and pretty fast shipping!

Made in Agapé Fulfillment Center North Carolina

Our Mission

It is to encourage, comfort, steer others to Jesus and his love.

We hope to share the Good News (Gospel) with non-believers through our faith-based products and bring them to Christ. We prayed that evangelism can be achieved through folks who are wearing our Christian apparel, while we aspire to be a well-recognized brand. We believe it can only be achieved if the messages and designs on our apparel are distinctive enough to capture a person's attention and to start a conversation.

Well there are too much distractions in this world, so the apparel that you wear might not be enough to capture a person's attention. But what if you put on these Christian shirts and wear them wherever you go? For instance, I notice that a friend of mine likes to wear Under Armour shirts wherever he goes, be it shopping, marketing, jogging or even sleeping! So this triggered me to ask him one day, “You are really a big fan of this brand huh...or is it because it's so comfortable?” Similarly, when you wear an apparel frequent enough, your neighbor or friend will be curious about the message on your shirts.

Apparel for A Purpose

We donate at least 10% of all net profits from our apparel sales to Christian nonprofit and charity organizations to help those in need. Some of the organizations include: HOPE International, CURE International, Lutheran World Relief etc.

We are constantly reviewing the list of Christian nonprofits that we donate to. For more information on our donations, please refer to the Christian Charities page.

The Research

Have you ever wondered how many times an average T-shirt may be read?

Research findings from the 2009 Christian Apparel Faith & Motivational Research Report revealed that an average T-shirt may be read up to 3,000 times before it is donated to charities or thrown away! With that in mind, it is great chance for Christians like us to proclaim and share our faith to non-believers.

The findings also revealed almost 57% of survey respondents who wore Christian apparel claimed that at least one person who has no personal faith, asked about the message and design on the apparel. Around 7% of the respondents said that they were able to successfully lead a non-believer to the Lord due to the conversation started off on the apparel. Almost all of the respondents said that they hope the message and design on their apparel would somehow capture the attention of non-believers of Christ.

Be it as a gift for others or for yourself, we hope that you'll feel comfortable and confident wearing our shirts, and at the same time able to share God's words today!

We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or questions for your purchases. Feel free to email us at hello@madeinagape.com. If you have any inquiry relating to wholesale christian t-shirts, you may fill up the form on that page. You can also follow us on Instagram- @madeinagape for photos, testimonials and giveaways. Keep in touch and God Bless!
- Jake