Made in Agapé Is Finally Born!

June 26, 2019

Made in Agapé Is Finally Born!

Hello there and a big welcome to Made in Agapé!

If you have stumbled across this website, be it from search engines, social media or other sites, we are very thankful and happy to meet you!

This is Daniel and Vivien. We are the founders of Made in Agapé.

If you are wondering why and how we started this Christian apparel and clothing business, well it's not something we planned for a long time but rather some ideas struck us.

Both of us are in the mid-thirties and have been in the workforce for about 15 years or so. After working for so many years, we can't seem to find much purpose in our work though we always see God's grace in our work environment and situation.

I've struggled for the couple recent of years in the civil service and made a decision to leave the organization.

I always have the passion for art and fashion since young and I thought I could use them for better purpose. After praying for God's direction, I decided to start this faith-based apparel business.

You can find out more about my background and how I became a believer of Christ.

Now after we have started Made in Agapé, we have never looked back again because we have a clear purpose and mission of what we want to do.

All the ideas, scriptures and designs of the apparel are being thought through carefully before we create them. Other than providing comfortable and fashionable clothing to you, most importantly we hope that the shirts can help you start a conversation about Jesus and share your faith with others.

Currently our line provides a pretty good range of apparel and accessories such as Christian tees, tank tops, hoodies, hats, mugs, iPhone cases and many more.

We are very thankful that God is using us to do his works and are really looking forward to serve you! 

We hope that you will like the designs we've created and do let us know your feedback if any and we'll strive to improve. 

God Bless,
Daniel and Vivien
Founders of Made in Agapé

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